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Open Education College


Open Education College of Shanghai Open University is directly subordinate to Shanghai Open University. In order to further expand the scale of directly subordinate school and build an experimental (demonstration) base, Open Education College was set up within Shanghai Open University (Shanghai TV University) based on Division One and Division Two. Open Education College is the demonstration base of the open education of Shanghai Open University (Shanghai TV University).

Organizations and Campuses

There are offices and three campuses (Fuxin Campus, Zhongyuan Campus, Guoshun Campus)of Open Education College:

Offices are responsible for students’ recruitment, advertising, files management, equipment management, technology support and logistic service, assisting the three campus with students’ affairs and students’ supervisors management.

The heads of three campus are under the centralized leadership of the dean, and responsible for the teaching arrangement, teaching quality management, teachers management, students status management, examination management, teaching materials management, etc., in their respective campus.

The Educational Goals

Work hard on talent training mode reform and open education pilot work, adhere to the concept of student-center and learning-center, and guide the students to do independent learning and cooperative learning by the Internet and some other means, in order to improve their learning ability and practice ability, to achieve the talent training goals of the teaching plan and to build the college as a demonstration base of modern distance open education in Shanghai Open University.

1. Promoting Teaching Mode Reform
Actively promote the exploration and reform of the course teaching mode in the web-teaching environment, which suits the characteristics of the course and the backgrounds of the students. Emphasize the interaction of the teachers and students, and emphasize the integration and effective usage of various means of the media and web teaching resource, in order to promote independent learning and cooperative learning. Emphasize the guidance and effectiveness of practice teaching, and to improve the ability of practice.

2. Promote the reform of teaching management model
Strengthen the quality management during the teaching process. Monitor the teaching process during teaching preparation, face to face teaching, instructing students’ learning, formative assessments and summative assessment, practical teaching etc. Give instant feedback to guarantee teaching quality and to explore and reform the teaching management model.

3. Enhance learning support service
Organize students to learning groups and encourage students to learning independently and cooperatively; encourage students to learn by the Internet and interact with teachers by the BBS and E-mail; guide students select their courses independently; provide students with teaching materials as abundant as possible in order to help students to learn.