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Experts Delivered Lectures on Online Education at Shanghai Open University

Experts Delivered Lectures on Online Education at Shanghai Open University

October 21, 2015

Academic lectures on online global education were held in the lecture hall of International Conference Center of SOU by Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Open and Distance Education in the afternoon of September 18. Larry Johnson, the founder of the Horizon Project and CEO of the New Media Consortium (NMC), and Allan Christie, Vice-President of Blackboard were invited to deliver a lecture. Wang Hong, vice-president of SOU, and over 90 faculty and staff of SOU attended the lecture.

Larry Johnson delivered a lecture named “To Explore the Extraordinary Wisdom-Innovation of Educational Technology”. He proposed the new idea related to learning space and mentioned about the trend of educational technology development. Allan Christie delivered a lecture named “The Design and Service of Large-scale Online Education Platform—Experience from the Development of Blackboard and Moodle.”, discussing the trend of educational development in the year of 2020, and introducing the development and application of Blackboard and Moodle worldwide. Later, the two experts interacted with the audience.

The two experts visited the Digital Laboratory for Open Education of SOU, and thought highly of the research direction and existing research results of the Center of Engineering. They were looking forward to the future development of the center.