The Faculty of Humanities has five departments: Department of Literature and Education, Department of Arts, Department of Foreign Languages, General Office, and Institute of Traditional Chinese Culture. The College has an experienced, skilled and dynamic team of highly professional faculties. There are 44 full-time teachers, administration staff and counselors. Among them, 2 are professors, 6 are associate professors and 9 with doctorate degree.

The College adapts to the needs of the society, steadily expands the scale of degree education. It has successfully set up the undergraduate major of pre-school education, and undergraduate major of Visual Communication Design in collaboration with Fashion Design Institute. The College cooperates with online training company 51talk to introduce one-on-one real-time teaching in the Business English major and General English course. In 2018, about 300 students from the SOU main campus participated in the pilot programme, which effectively improved the comprehensive and practical ability of the students, brought a new breakthrough to the foreign language teaching, and also took an unprecedented first step in the reform of foreign language teaching in colleges and universities in china. The college also actively explores innovation of the blended teaching model of open learning. The College fully supports Professor Bao Pengshan in carrying out the live broadcast of “The Analects of Confucius” and constantly explores new ways of teaching.

The college offers following majors:

Undergraduate: Business English, Chinese Language and Literature (Literary Classics), Pre-school Education, Visual Communication Design

Junior College: Performing Arts (Vocal Performance), Animation Design, Public Cultural Services and Management, Business English, Dance Performance, Pre-school Education, Art Design