School of Contining Education


School of Contining Education of Shanghai Distance Education Group was established in 2002. It is a professional education management organization, responsible for diversified functions, such as continuing education, job trainning, cooperative program, non-degree education and degree education. School of Continuing Education has the modern E-education platform, abundant teaching resources and excellent teaching management staff, which also has the modern distance education trainning experience and advantages in cooperation with schools and organizations both at home and aboard. After the establishement of the school, there have been more than 100 programs in in the training of workers, administrative staff and cadres, job qualified certificate trainning, as well as Chinese-foreign cooperative education. The number of trainnings and examinations have been held by the school are more than 1000,000 person times.

School of Continuing Education insists the school mission “ for all learners, all for learners”, providing service for lifelong education system, building Shanghai as a learning soicety, developing a wide field of cooperation with schools and organizations both at home and aboard, as well as diversified education orienation. The EBA trainning program jointly set up by School of Continuing Education and Shanghai Municipal Ferderation of Trade Unions has been a branding project of Shanghai quality-oriented education project for workers and staff members. The project of continuing education for accounting practitioners cooperated with the Finance Bureau of Yangpu district, and the project of traffic safety education cooperated with Shanghai traffic police corps, have created great social effects.

At present, the School of Continuing Education is the demonstration site for the national workers education and trainning of All China Federation of Trade Unions. It is also a trainning base for the 3-year plan of “Welcome World Expo, Learn Bilingual Languages” for millions of workers and staff members of Shanghai citizens, an excellent outside school learning center of China distance education, a teaching base of city road traffic safety trainning, as well as a trainning base for the distance education of China Enterprise Confederation.

The shared vision of the school:

International Cooperation, Influence Shanghai.

We warmly welcome people from all walks of life who wish to improve their own quality to participate in the suitable trainning and examination program. We are willing to provide high-quality and convenient sevice for your learning.

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