Institute of Urban Public Safety Management

School Profile

Shanghai Open University is a modern open university approved by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and supported by Ministry of Education. Its establishment is a strategic measure of Shanghai to accelerate the speed of building a learning society and a life-long education system of “Everybody can learn anytime and anywhere”. SOU adheres to the mission of “For all learners and all for learners”, sticks to the school’s philosophy of “Open and Cooperative”, and sets the goal of building a top-level open university. Learning from the advanced experience of both home and aboard, opening and merging all kinds of high quality educational resources, taking the advantages of modern information technology, innovating education forms, reforming cultivating mode, enriching learning contents, updating teaching methods, improving education quality, building learning overpass and making great effort to provide service for all people learning and lifelong learning.

Safety is the first concern of urban development. Urban public safety has now become the difficulties of urban development around the world. It’s also the focus of attention of the government at all levels, the focus of social management and the hot spot of public concern. Urban public safety related to people’s livelihood and related to the vital interests of the people. It has become an important issue on how to improve the levels of public safety management, and how to effectively prevent and appropriately deal with varies of public safety incidents, especially for the megalopolis of Shanghai, which is on the stage of transformation and the accelerated urbanization.

In order to meet the needs of urban public safety of the society, School of Urban Public Safety Management was established on the first anniversary of Shanghai Open University. The school will train a great number of professional talents of urban public safety management for the society, popularize the public safety knowledge of the citizens and improve their safety awareness. The establishment of the school has a great practical significance and social value to promote the construction and development of a harmonious society.

School of Urban Public Safety Management will utilize open distance education form and means to carry out diploma program education, on-the-job training and community education, in order to cultivate professional talents of urban public safety management for the government, enterprises and public institutions as well as communities, around such issues as community safety, food safety, transportation safety, fire safety, production safety etc. At the same time, training and learning resources are provided for the citizens with related knowledge of public safety in order to improve the level of urban public safety management.


Both degree education and non-degree training are provided

Our school provides degree education with the level of junior college and bachelor degree, and plans to establish junior college program of Community Safety Management, and will establish the undergraduate program of Urban Public Safety Management. According to the realities of the situation of Shanghai and school conditions of SOU, there are six programs have been chosen for both degree education and non-degree training for the enterprises, which are Community Safety, Fire Safety, Transportation Safety, Food Safety, Construction Work Safety and Production Safety of Enterprises, in order to promote the exploration of non-degree education, and accelerate the development of degree-education by non-degree education.

Both of Academic Research and Popularized Education for Citizens

Our school will establish research center for urban public safety, carry out academic research, and will hold high-end forum on public safety periodically to invite experts from both home and aboard to have extensive exchanges for the development of courses and programs. At the same time, some lectures and course materials on public safety will be open to the citizens for self-learning, and the learning service will be provided to embody the education guideline of SOU.

Practical Curriculum Module Customization

The curriculum in our school is designed by a modularized approach, and the curriculum module is customized according to the characteristics of industries or enterprises. The contents of the curriculum lay emphasis on practical operation, comprehensive practice are set that accounts for a great deal of credits, and the cultivation of practical operation ability as well as comprehensive ability is also emphasized. The customized curriculum is combined with the certificates for industries, and can be applied to the training of industries and enterprises. Some of the modules are subject to timely adjustments according to the needs of the development of economics and society of Shanghai as well as the school conditions, which embodies the characteristics of SOU.

Docking Professional learning with Credit Bank

Shanghai Open University is preparing to establish “Shanghai Life-long education Credits Bank” System, in which the citizens will have their own “learning account”. The learners may save the credits of the courses they have taken into the “Credit Bank”, and may also apply to transfer the related degree programs or the credits they saved in the credits bank to the credits of Public Safety Management Program, which can be approved to exempt students from certain courses. This truly embodies the characteristics of flexibility of SOU.

Strong Team of Experts to Support

School of Urban Public Safety Management relies on the school foundations of Shanghai TV University, and the education scale is further expanded, which not only merges the systematic resource and the resources of regular high-education institutions, but also absorbs high-quality teaching resources from the government, industries and enterprises to build a team of experts to guide the development of the programs as well as teaching and research, in order to ensure education the quality. The state counselor, the state emergency management team leader, and the deputy director of the National Disaster Reduction Committee of Experts, Professor Shan Chunchang, is invited as the honorary dean. Some influential experts and scholars in the field of public management and public safety management both at home and aboard are also invited as distinguished professor in our school.