Institute of Deformity Education


In order to promote the construction of Shanghai to be a learning society and harmonious society, and preserve the rights to education for disabled people, SOU signed an agreement with Shanghai Disabled People’s Federation for the cooperation of carrying out open education for disabled people of Shanghai.

Institutions running the school

The school for disabled people of SOU was established in March, 18th, 2011. Our school is under the supervision of both SOU and Shanghai Disabled People’s Federation. A consulting committee has been established in our school in order to get the consulting advice. Our school is responsible for guiding the open education for disabled people in the learning centers of different districts. Our school mission is to making great efforts to satisfy the education needs of disabled people and to improve the the literacy and the level of vocational skills for disabled adults, in order to improve the ablility of disabled people to participate in social activities equally, and to promote building a learning society and harmonous society.

The learning centers of different districts and counties of School for Disabled People of SOU are established by the branch schools of different districts of SOU, and responsible for the open education of disabled people. On March 18th, the first batch of learning centers have been established in the following six districts, Songjiang, Minhang, Xuhui, Yangpu, Putuo, Baoshan. In September of 2011, the learning centers of Jiading, Zhabei, Huangpu, Changning, etc. have been established and the learning centers spreaded all over the city in 2012.

The Type of Education and Teaching Methods

1. Academic education: The level of academic education includes undergraduate education of SOU, junior college education of SOU and technical secondary school of TV education. Face-to-face tutoring combined with distance education.

2. Vocational skills trainning: The trainning programs are decided by learning centers and disabled people federations of different districts through consultation. The main method is face-to-face trainning.

Non-academic culture education: Learning cards are provided for the disabled citizens who have learning needs according to the plans, which enabled them to join in the open courses of Lifelong Learning Websites for Shanghai Citizens. Mainly taken the distance learning mode.

Students Registeration

1. Learning in regular class: The disabled learners for academic degree can choose to register for the programs in branch schools, learning workstations and learning sites.

2. Separate class: Separates classes are restricted to districts and counties with the learning centers and students can do the registeration organized by disabled people federation.