Shanghai Academy Credit Transfer and Accumulation Bank for Lifelong Education

The Introduction of SHCB

1. Why build SHCB?

Credit Bank building in Shanghai is to establish Shanghai as a lifelong education system and a learning society, to satisfy the diversified learning needs of Shanghai citizens, and to implement the requirements of national and municipal long-term education reform and development plan for the establishment of a “credit bank” system and building a lifelong learning “overpass”. It is also one of the effective measures to improve the system of lifelong education in Shanghai.

2. What is SHCB?

Shanghai Academic Credit Transfer and Accumulation Bank for Lifelong Education (SHCB) is a learning outcome recognition management center and transfer platform with the function of credits recognition, accumulation and transfer for lifelong education, which is open to all the learners of Shanghai.

3. What are the main functions of SHCB?

(1) Credits recognition: Credtis recognition is a process of recognizing and saving the learners’ outcome into SHCB.
(2) Credits accumulation: Credits accumulation is a process of saving and managing the learning outcomes that recognized by SHCB.
(3) Credits transfer: Credits transfer is a process of transfering the outcomes that learners accumulated into the credits of colleges and universities as well as other organizations for continuous learning.

4. How many kinds of SHCB?

The credits of SHCB are divided into three categories: academic educaiton, vocational trainning as well as culture and leisure education. Within the above, part of the vocational trainning certificate can be transferred into academic credits, while the credits of culture and leisure education cannot be transferred into academic credits.

5. What is self-learning portfolios?

The self-learning portfolios record the learning outcomes of the learners, including academic education, vocational trainning, culture and leisure education. The learners will have their individual learning profile after openning an account in SHCB, and the learners can access their personal learning profile in SHCB website.

Contacts of Credit Bank
Contacts of each branch:
Tel of the headquarters of SHCB: 25653114