Shanghai Open University,

formerly known as Shanghai TV University , founded in 1960.

June 2012, approved by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Television University was renamed as Shanghai Open University.

Shanghai Open University is a university opens to the adults with distance open education supported by modern information technology. It is an modern open university not only provides academic education, but also provides vocational training as well as leisure and cultural education.

The school’s mission is

“For all learners & all for the learners,” for all members of the society, aiming for the goal of” everyone is learning, always able to learn, can learn everywhere,”

providing the learners with convenient, flexible and rich educational service by the school system all over the city.

Our university’s motto is

“Teaching without discrimination, learning with joy reaches afar”.

The talents training goal of our university is to cultivate practice oriented talents with the ability of autonomous learning and lifelong development

In the past 50 years, Shanghai Open University has trained 350,000 graduates with bachelor degrees and associate bachelor degrees. Currently, the number of students pursuing degree education in SOU is 110,000, and the number for non-degree education is up to 500,000.

Shanghai Open University is combined with 8 institutes, including Open Education College, Continuing Education College, Institute of International Exchange, Institute of Urban Public Safety Management, College of Disabled People, Institute of Education for the Aged, Institute of New Rural Reconstruction and Institute of Female Education; 8 departments, including Department of Management, Department of Law and Administration, Department of Finance & Accounting, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Literature & Art, Department of Information & Engineering, Department of Art of Dance & Vocal Music Teaching, and Department of Comprehensive Teaching; and 41 branch schools covering 17 districts and regions of the city.

SOU has opened 61 programs of bachelor degree and associate bachelor degree successively. In 2012, SOU has totally established 16 undergraduate (upgrading from junior college education) programs, in which 13 programs are based on the programs of NOU, and 29 junior college programs. There are 1480 full time teachers and 2730 part time teachers in SOU and our education system.