Offering Of undergraduate education for junior college graduates with the support of CRTVU Programs.


Setting-up of the UNESCO Chair on UNITWIN Network in Distance and Open Learning.


Independent offering of junior college distance education program for registered students.


Student enrollment amounting to 100,000, and the university being a mega-university in the world.


Achieving “Excellent” in the summative assessment of the, “CRTVU Project of Talent Training Mode Reform and Open Education Experimentation” organized by the Ministry Of Education of China.


Taking the initiative to apply for and passing the Education Quality Audit of the International Council of Distance Education (ICDE).


“The Ordinance for the Promotion of Life-long Education in Shanghai” stating that open universities established in Shanghai should gradually integrate adult higher education resources to form open learning platforms.

Participating the ’20+20 Cooperation Plan for Chinese and African Institutions of Higher Education’, a plan cooperated by UNESCO and the Ministry Of education; carrying out strategic cooperation with the African Council Of Distance Education (ACDE).


Added as a bachelor’s degree granting unit by Shanghai Academic Degrees Committee