• Immersion Hub 2019 Eastern Fashion Insight Workshop

Immersion Hub 2019

Eastern Fashion Insight Workshop in Shanghai Open University (SOU)

20 May – 31 May 2019, Shanghai, China

Program Overview

Have you been dreaming about coming to study in China? Now’s the time! Immersion Hub Program of Shanghai Open University (SOU) is designed for international students of all ages who want to develop their basic communication skills in Mandarin Chinese while exploring the excitement and wonder of Shanghai, gaining valuable insights into Chinese culture.

SOU will also co-organize with Shanghai International Fashion Education Center to host a Eastern Fashion Insight Workshop. You will discover what it takes to be a fashion designer through a mix of basic theoretical and practical short courses and visits to companies and museums.

Shanghai, the proud host of the 2010 World Expo, is a modern, dynamic and amazing city. It features many sites of interest to students in the program: beyond the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower cityscapes there are a huge range of museums, colonial architecture, theatres, gardens, parks and shopping areas.

Schedule and Application Period

Language of Study: English

Our curriculum consists of 5 modules of learning:

  • Mandarin Chinese language

  • Chinese culture

  • Eastern Fashion Insight Workshop

  • Hands-on application experiences

  • Going out immersion experiences

Tentative Schedule

Institution Introduction

Shanghai Open University

Shanghai Open University, approved by the Ministry of Education of China, is a new type of institution of higher education providing open and distance education to adults and is technically supported by ICT. The University is committed to providing all members of society with more flexible, convenient, fair and open ways of learning and multi-level, diversified education services to meet the needs of universal learning, lifelong learning needs, and to serve the building of a socially-just learning society. Shanghai Open University was founded in 1960 and is a leading member of the China Open University system, currently serving 80,000 registered students with a flexible blended tuition approach of community-centered face-to-face classes and activities as well as state-of-the-art technologically enhanced online learning opportunities. With its principle of “For all learners, all for learners”, Shanghai Open University reaches out to learners such as adult workers, individuals with handicaps and special needs, and senior learners to help them fulfill their lifelong learning dreams at its main campus and over 40 branch campuses serving specific local communities throughout the diverse city. SOU is also the coordinating institution of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network in Distance and Open Learning, with its latest accomplishment being the highly successful UNITWIN “International Conference on Leadership and Innovation for the Future in Open and Distance Learning” organized by its well-established Institute for International Exchange.

Shanghai International Fashion Education Center

Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (Shanghai Textile Industry Workers’ College) is a professional fashion education institution with a history of 60 years.

Integrating the world leading fashion education resources, SIFEC provides a platform for professional training, strategic planning, brand communication, fashion creativity consultation and international exchange. In addition, SIFEC supplies an up-to-date fashion perspective, fashion industry data and customized service to fashion industry at home and abroad.

With the industrial background of Shangtex, SIFEC is one of the few fashion education institutes with a complete fashion industry chain background. It has provided a brand-new development model for the perfect combination of novel fashion concepts and experience education. SIFEC has established all-round cooperation with world famous fashion education institutes as PARSONS, Mod’spé, EAC and ISAL, to cultivate elites for fashion industry through resource sharing and model innovation, developing fashion special training with its own feature, scale and culture.

Program Highlights

You will be in an intense two-week immersion program that will immerse you in the cultural vibe of Shanghai, one of the most dynamic cities in China.

Prior to your arrival in Shanghai, you will have an opportunity to use our online system to get to know our staff, your personal mentor, and your fellow international students so that you will feel fully comfortable with the adventure that awaits you in Shanghai.

Once you arrive in Shanghai, your learning will continue in small face-to-face classes. Your Chinese language and culture proficiency will soar as you are able to have supportive interactions with professional and experienced teachers as well as a committed and interesting small group of like-minded international students from all over the world, making for a truly multicultural environment.

Language learning and culture go hand-in-hand, and during your stay in Shanghai, we will make sure you are safely immersed into the vivid culture of the city and surrounding area through an exciting mix of organized activities and events as well as some time to explore your personal interests on your own or with new friends you will undoubtedly make during your stay.

Through the course of Eastern Fashion Insight Workshop, the introductory level courses will allow you to make use of fabric to quickly form fashion, learn about the classification and online marketing of fashion brands, learn about 2019 trends and how to capture trends, and team up with students to design a display window with the elements of the magazine.

To facilitate those friendships, students have many opportunities to get to know their peers better by an array of fun team-building activities including a talent show, cooking session, dinner party, and other impromptu events your group may wish to set up. Previous students have remarked on how these fun events have not only made their stay in Shanghai very enjoyable, they have also made valuable friendships and international contacts for their academic and personal networks as well.

Eligibility of Scholarship and Application Method

(1) Our program is open to all non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, aged 18 and above.
(2) Application Materials and Method:

For all applicants, please prepare a scanned page of passport and fill in the Application Form online.

Countdown of Application Deadline for Scholarship

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2019/03/01 17:00:00


SOU will admit 30 international students; all the accepted students will receive e-mail notification before March 8th. The fees for tuition, learning materials, inner city tours and transportation, light refreshments, breakfast, lunch and accommodations* – all free of charge and will be covered by SOU.
Important Notes:

* Accommodation will be arranged at a hotel near the campus. All participating student will share a room with another student of the same gender and students will be responsible for all incidental costs at hotel. If you would like to have your own room, an extra single room charge of 150 yuan/person/night applies.

*Participating students will need to cover their international airfare, visa costs, dinner and personal expenses in China, etc.
SOU considers scholarships based on the following principles:

(1) The nomination from partner universities, institutes and organizations of SOU (The maximum number of scholarship awarded to students from one university will be 5). The nominating body must decide its own criteria for nomination.

(2) Applicants from developing countries and regions.

(3) Applicants from countries of “One Belt and One Road” Initiative.

(4) Regional and gender balance.

What happens after completing the application form?

(1) Once you’ve submitted the application form and scanned passport online, we will review your application. Then you just need to wait to find out if you receive the scholarship. We’ll let you know before Mar. 8th.

(2) Once accepted, you will receive invitation letters and hotel reservation letters for visa purposes, along with other courses materials and additional information through e-mail.

(3) You must apply to your local People’s Republic of China Embassy or Consulate for a visa(visa category: F).

(4) After your visa has been issued, be sure to bring the invitation letter and the valid visa with you to China.

#. Contact Information

International students from over 27 countries with varied educational and professional backgrounds have joined the program in the past 6 years. Why not make this year your time to experience the joy and wonders of Shanghai? Immersion Hub Program of SOU warmly welcomes you! You’ll be in safe and caring hands, and when you return home, it will be with a vast array of new language and cultural skills and knowledge as well as lasting memories and friendships. Who knows? It could be a life-changing experience at just the right time for you! We so look forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer all your questions.
Institute of International Exchange
Shanghai Open University

Room 402, No.1 Building,
288 Guoshun Road, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China
Tel: 86-21-25653006;86-21-25653356; Fax: 86-21-25653267
E-mail: iieoffice@sou.edu.cn; internationalstvu@163.com
Web Site: http://iie.sou.edu.cn/

#. Important Notice

*International students are strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance that covers their stay abroad before entering China.

* This program brochure will be printed in both English and Chinese- in case of discrepancy between the Chinese language original text and the English language translation, the Chinese text will prevail.

* The right of final interpretation is reserved to the Shanghai Open University (SOU).




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