the College of Science and Engineering has three departments: Department of Computer and Engineering Management, Department of Mechanical Electronics and General Office. The college currently has 22 full-time faculties, including 10 professors and associate professors, and 12 with doctorate degree. The College uses Computer Application, Computer Information Management, Software Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering as pilot majors for learner-centered teaching design and a blended teaching model. For students’ online learning-oriented, combined with face-to-face learning, the College emphasized on acquiring knowledge as well as strengthening skills, and to balance students’ work and study plan. The College pays close attention to practical experiences, and has signed practical internship base agreement with Shanghai Education Software Company and Shanghai Entrepreneurs Public Practical Base. At Zhongyuan Campus the College has 14 laboratories, covers an area of 1236 square meters, equips with 801 teaching instruments. Office automation, ERP, network, JAVA, database and other virtual experimental training system provide students with online laboratory services 24/7.

The College offers 13 “double certification” majors, which means after students complete their studies, they would obtain degree certificate and vocational qualification certificate at the same time. In recent years, the College has actively explored a new mode of collaborations and signed cooperative agreements with other universities, public services, and enterprises.

The college offers following majors:

Undergraduate: Software Engineering (Information Services), Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (Industrial Robots)

Junior College: Computer Application, Computer Information Management, Mechatronics Technology (Industrial Control PLC, Mechatronic Maintenance), Construction Engineering Management, Automotive Marketing and Service, Transportation Operation Management