with the purpose of serving the development of the city and lifelong learning of citizens, College of Public Administration has carried out cultivation of talents and scientific researches based on the theory and methods of public management, and public policies. The College is committed to providing high-quality and convenient teaching services to the public, and to providing qualified builders for the construction of the country and social governance. At present, the College has three departments, including Department of Urban Public Safety Management, Department of Law and Administration, and Department of Household and Health Management. In close cooperation with Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Shanghai Women’s Federation and other government departments, the College has made every effort to build a number of featured programs. The College now has 37 faculties, 43% of which with senior professional titles. In 2018, the College undertook 9 research projects at the municipal level or above, including the National Social Science Foundation project.

The college offers following majors:

Undergraduate: Urban Public Safety Management, Administrative Management, Social Work, Law, Nursing

Junior college: Administrative Management, Legal Affairs, Community Management and Services, Household Services and Management, Tourism Management, Geriatric Service and Management, Nursing (Geriatric Care)