• 2022 SOU “Immersion Hub” Program Successfully Concluded!

More than 40 student representatives and teachers attended the closing ceremony of 2022 Shanghai Open University (SOU) “Immersion Hub” Program at 8:00 p.m. on July 15, Beijing time.

At the closing ceremony, teachers and students reviewed the learning process in the past two weeks. The teachers specially designed online interactive games and experiencing activities on Chinese elements for the closing ceremony. The students shared their achievements and learning experience through videos, photos and short essays. Their love for Chinese language and Chinese culture was beyond the words.

Dr. WENG Zhuhua, Dean of the Institute of International Exchange (IIE, congratulated the students who obtained the program certificates and issued them the certificates online. She also showed her expectation for the international students to come to SOU for exchanges and further study. Student representatives from the Philippines, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Panama shared their learning experience for the program, expressed their love for the course, and showed their gratitude to SOU. The closing ceremony concluded by waving goodbye among teachers and students reluctantly.

The SOU “Immersion Hub” Program started in 2013, and this year is the first year of holding the online program. In the passing two weeks, facilitated by CG-OOC learning platform, more than 90 international students have participated in the both synchronous and pre-recorded courses on Chinese Language, Shanghai Cloud Travel, Chinese Culture and Intangible Culture Heritage.




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