• The Press Conference of “Craftsman Academic Degree Class” and “Ingenuity School” of Shanghai Craftsman College Was Held

In order to inherit and carry forward the craftsman spirit, improve the craftsman’s abilities, urge more workers, especially young people to carry forward craftsmanship and strive for excellence to serve the country, and cultivate more craftsmen, the press conference of "Craftsman Academic Degree Class" and " Ingenuity School " of Shanghai Craftsman College was held in Shanghai Open University on 21 July, 2022. The press conference was held in a hybrid manner.

ZHANG Jin, Vice President of Shanghai Open University, BAO Qifan, Dean of Shanghai Craftsman College, WANG Shuqun, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, QIAN Songnian, Director of the Enterprise Education Professional Committee of Shanghai Adult Education Association, ZHANG Chengying, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Technician Association attended the conference. Representatives of Shanghai Open Universities, Shanghai Workers' Technical Association, relevant enterprises, and media representatives also attended the conference. QIAN Chuandong, Director of the Service Center of Shanghai workers' Technical Association chaired the conference.

ZHANG Jin emphasized the importance of cultivating more high-quality technical professionals in building China into a strong manufacturing country. Cultivating more technical workers is also the responsibility of Shanghai Craftsman College. This year, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Craftsman College, in order to effectively unblock the growth channel for employees to improve their academic qualifications and technical skills, the "Craftsman Academic Degree Class" is launched to provide industrial workers with opportunities for higher education with the characteristics of "dual system".

WANG Shuqun said, the "Craftsman Academic Degree Class" of Shanghai Craftsman College provides a large number of craftsmen with opportunities for further study, to learn skills and broaden their horizons.    

BAO Qifan introduced in detail the projects of “Craftsman Academic Degree Class” and “Ingenuity School”. LI Jie, Deputy Dean of College of Science and Engineering and YI Xiaoting, Deputy Dean of Public Administration introduced the talent training programs for mechanical and electrical majors and administrative management majors. WENG Zhuhua, Dean of Institute of International Exchange introduced the international courses. XU Hongzhuo, Deputy Director of Academic Education Department and YANG Hong, Director of Cooperation Department made a detailed introduction and explanation about registration, enrollment and management of “Craftsman Academic Degree Class” and “Ingenuity School”.




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