• Shanghai Open Distance Education Engineering and Technology Research Center holds a seminar on "Innovative Application of ChatGPT in Education"

On 28th February, the seminar on  ChatGPT's Innovative Application in Education, sponsored by SOU Distance Education Engineering Technology Research Center and Intelligent Education Technology Alliance, was held at SOU. Keynote speeches were delivered by experts from Shanghai Open University, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China Normal University, China Telecom, China Unicom, and other universities, organizations and enterprises. The seminar gathered about 300 participants from universities and enterprises online and on-site.


XIAO Jun, Director of the SOU Information Office, shared about teachers' A.I. ability and ChatGPT’s educational applications. He proposed that the education industry should strengthen research and development of generative A.I. tools in the field of education, enhance the ability to integrate tools into teaching, and strengthen the formulation and guidance of relevant education application specifications.


NING Dejun, Director of the Smart City Research Center of the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences focused on some ChatGPT applications such as AI code generation (AI algorithm scientist training course and programmer training course), automatic document generation (literary and artistic creation training course), intelligent judge (legal training course) and so on.


XIAO Qing, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Telecom Shanghai Branch Chief Engineer Office, mentioned how China Telecom supported innovative applications based on ChatGPT. ZHAO Wanpeng, CTO of China Unicom Shanghai Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., noted the solution of ChatGPT enabling smart education.


The seminar gave participants a more rational understanding of ChatGPT's technology and its applying fields, and discussed its innovative application potential and practical prospects in the field of education from multiple perspectives. It provided valuable reference for ChatGPT and other AI technologies in promoting innovation, development and improvement of education.





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