• The 2024 Shanghai Citizen Lifelong Learning Digital Reading Activity Officially Opens!

On the occasion of the 29th World Book Day, a digital reading feast for citizens has officially opened in Shanghai. The 2024 Shanghai Citizen Lifelong Learning Digital Reading Activity, hosted by Shanghai Open University and Shanghai Service & Supervision for Learning Society Construction, organized by Shanghai Learning Society Construction Service Guidance Center Office and Shanghai Learning Network, was held online and offline simultaneously, bringing together leaders, teachers, and citizen representatives from numerous community colleges to witness the launch of this brand learning activity.

At the opening ceremony, Peng Haihong, Director of the Shanghai Service & Supervision for Learning Society Construction Office and Director of Community Education Department at Shanghai Open University, explained in detail the core concepts and highlights of this event. She stated that this event has achieved innovative breakthroughs in terms of concepts, resources, and modes. She carefully selected a selected book list with the theme of artificial intelligence, metaverse, and technology in life, and supplemented it with rich listening resources to create a new digital book club reading mode, allowing citizens to immerse themselves in it and deeply experience the infinite charm of the perfect integration of digital technology and reading.


The event also invited Li Youxi, a well-known promoter of oracle bone inscriptions and Chinese character culture, and a science popularization blogger with a large fan base, to give a wonderful lecture titled Reading Chinese Classics and Tasting the Beauty of Chinese Characters.

This event will continue until October this year, and citizens can participate through the official website and WeChat platform of Shanghai Learning Network.


The lifelong digital reading activity for Shanghai citizens has been successfully held for 13 sessions and has now become a classic reading event in the hearts of citizens. The activity takes Shanghai Learning Network as the platform to build a 1+16 community reading platform network covering the entire city, making reading resources accessible. Over the past 13 years, the influence and participation of the event have been increasing year by year, with a total of over 3.5 million participants and over 1.8 million results released.




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