• Shanghai Open University Continues to be the Host Institution of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network in Distance and Open Learning(East-Asia)

On 24 May, Shanghai Open University successfully passed the evaluation of UNESCO, and continued to serve as the host institution of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network in Distance and Open Learning (East-Asia) for an additional period of four years. JIA Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Open University is the Network Coordinator.

Launched in 1992 with the aim of promoting international inter-university cooperation, to share knowledge and develop collaborative work, there are now some 950 UNESCO Chairs and 45 UNITWIN networks in 120 countries. In China, there are 30UNESCO Chairs and 2 UNITWIN networks. In 1997, the UNESCO UNITWIN Network in Distance and Open Learning (East-Asia) was approved by UNESCO and then established, Shanghai Open University is the host institution. Up to now, the Network has 26 member institutions, including The Open University UK and The Open University of China. The cooperation programme has went beyond the original East Asia focus with outreach to partner with universities in Africa and South Asia.

In the next four years, under the leadership of the Network Coordinator JIA Wei, the Network will contribute to advance UNESCO’s ongoing endeavors to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. The Network will focus on the area of lifelong learning and digital education transformation, strengthen support and cooperation with Africa, strengthen cooperation with UNESCO's Category I and II Institutes and centers, establish a global digital lifelong learning alliance to become an important communication platform for stakeholders in the field of global lifelong learning and open distance education.





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